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Lacuna Sanctum Demo

2009-07-07 02:47:52 by Ondure

I'm going to try to have the Lacuna Sanctum Demo up by tomorrow, but this may not be the case. It's getting close, but not close enough. The absolute deadline is the 10th.

I'll give you a little more (if anyone is reading this, hah)

"I... I just killed a man. But... I don't feel ashamed. No, I have no remorse, no emotion, no reaction to the fact that a man lies in front of me, lifeless, probably with a family now alone, because of me. What have they done to me....?"

Look back to the other post for a littl more on this Sci-Fi Mystery/escape/shooting game!

Look forward to the Lacuna Sanctum Demo, deadline for the demo is july 8th. Hopefully the whole game will be done by july 18th (I like to give myself 2 weeks per game)

Lacuna Sanctum: Your eyes open, everything makes sense but there are no memories. You look around... a room filled with concrete and steel. One window with bars so close that your hand couldn't... your hand...
It's not human...

New "Company"!!!!!!! We're now going by a new title. Seventeenth Sky is no more. Instead look forward to great games from The Steamworks, with Their mascot SteamBot # 17 (a little tribute to our old one)


I'm gonna be a millionaire!!! sorta....

2008-09-09 22:40:58 by Ondure

Addicting Games Has offered to sponsor Quick Draw Rangers for $500 !!!!

Be happy!

Anywoo, :D, I am making an RPG at the moment (not the sky blue one) that will hopefully be awesome. It'll be called The Weeper, a superhero story!

$500... yay.... :D


2008-08-20 03:50:30 by Ondure

New image, and icon, pluuuss

The game is like 95% done!!!!!

I just need to make a prize video, and the credits, woooooottt!!!

if anyone is actually reading this, rejoice!

Yay Game!

2008-08-07 02:29:49 by Ondure

My first game to come to Newgrounds is about 2/3 of the way done.
Won't say much now, but it's pretty good in my opinion, if I had to rate it myself, or guess the rating, I'd give it a 3.2 / 5

Hopefully i'll be wrong, and it will be even better.


P.S. I also have an idea for a second game that I can create without learning any more scripting, hurrah!

P.P.S. Another cool idea, I'm gonna put a piece of each game i make in my header, my current one will give you a hint on my present game!